Custom Marine Water Heaters

Dual Heat Exchangers


Having two independent heat exchanger coils on a Torrid Water Heater allows  you to heat water from the engine's coolant and either a hydronic heat system or a genset.   Now available in the Explorer Series.

Dual Heat Exchangers Dual Heat Elements


How about two independent heat exchanger coils and two independent electrical heating elements on your next Marine Water Heater to balance your shorepower and off-dock needs?  Now available in the Explorer Series

Large Volume Water Heaters

MVW 200 3 Phase

Torrid Marine has developed Marine Water Heaters in many sizes, orientations and configurations, including multi-tank solutions.

3-Phase Water Heaters

MHS503P 50 Gallon 3-Phase Water Heater

Torrid Marine builds 3-Phase powered Marine Water Heaters in vertical 30, 40, and 50 gallon configurations.

Installation Options

MVS10IX installed with TMV90-160 Mixing Valve.

Need help figuring out how to optimize the installation of your new Torrid Marine Water Heater?  Call our professional staff and we will walk you through the considerations today and during future maintenance.  We can help with options.

Need More Information About Custom Marine Water Heaters?

There are many options and variables to consider when considering a custom marine water heater.  Please drop us a line or a give us a call with your particular needs.  We will gladly assist you.  A word of caution, custom marine water heaters take time to design and build, especially very unique designs.